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Bioterrorism Trivalent Adjuvant Vaccine

Researchers from the University of Michigan (UM), the Medical College of Wisconsin at Milwaukee (MCW) and the University of Chicago GLRCE Small Animal Research and Immunology Cores (UC), collaborate on a developmental project funded by the Great Lakes Regional Center of Excellence for Bio-defense and Emerging Infectious Diseases Research (GLRCE). They have formed a collaboration for development of a trivalent vaccine against three NIAID Category A agents for which the NIAID seeks high priority bio-defense products: inhalation antrax, botulism and plague.  This project uses nanoemulsion-based rPA vaccines against anthrax and other nanoemulsion-adjuvanted experimental vaccines. Work on this “trivalent” vaccine could protect individuals in an emergent situation against three Category A high priority bio-defense agents.

Vaccine Team Members

Vaccine Team Members


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