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Nanobiology Certificate Seminar Series

The Nanobiology Certificate seminar is one of the requirements for the Nanobiology Certificate program. The seminar is unique in that it offers the chance to interact with experts in a wide variety of disciplines, including many heavily involved in interdisciplinary research and nanobiology.  The course is designed to be more informal than typical seminars, allowing open discussion with faculty speakers; past talks have been successful largely due to student-speaker interaction and the exchanging of insightful questions and ideas with university members within and across fields, departments, and colleges.

                 The multidisciplinary organization of the Certificate program



Seminar Instructor:

Dr. Dan McNerny (

Ph.D. University of Michigan Chemical Engineering with Nanobiology certificate, 2010

Advisor: Dr. James R. Baker, Jr.
Title: “Dendron avidity platforms with orthogonal focal point coupling site”
M.S. University of Michigan Chemical Engineering, 2007
B.S. Carnegie Mellon University Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, 2005

Goals for seminar:

  • Professors discussing basic science research and clinical translation

  • Academic and industrial career related

  • Tools for multidisciplinary research (effective communication skills, CV/research plan)

  • Advanced students will present material from their own research experiences to the group.


Past speakers are diverse and included:

Prof. Mark Banaszak Holl, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Macromolecular Science & Engineering

Prof. Mark Burns, Chemical Engineering

Prof. Xudong (Sherman) Fan, Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Rachel Goldman, Material Science and Engineering

Dr. Chad Hershock, Assistant Director, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching

Prof. Peter Hitchcock, Medical School Office of Postdoctoral Studies

Dr. Aileen Huang-Saad, College of Engineering Center for Entrepreneurship, Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Raoul Kopelman, Chemistry

Prof. Jens-Christian Meiners, Physics

Prof. Jan Stegemann, Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Nicholas Steneck, Director, Research Ethics and Integrity Program, UM Institute for Clinical and Health Research

Prof. Shuichi Takayama, Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Angela Violi, Chemical/Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Nils Walter, Chemistry/Biophysics

Dr. Nadine Wong, Office of Technology Transfer

Past students’ comments on the seminar:

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere generated between the professors and the students, we felt totally free to ask any question and from time to time a very interesting dynamics of Q&A was developed.”


“This is a seminar course to “open our minds” and get a broader understanding of science; that is not a regular “boring” class.”



The certificate seminar is designed to complement the participant’s excising workload, opening doors for collaboration and communication in evolving interdisciplinary fields without substantially increasing the course workload.


Register for the NanoBiology Certificate Seminar by registering for:

Physics 517 – Nanobiology Certificate Seminar;

cross-listed: Biophysics 517, Applied Physics 517

Fall 2011, the Seminar will be held at 4404 Randall Lab

Students who are interested in pursuing the NanoBiology Certificate degree can find more information about the program here:

You will find a listing of sample nanoscience courses, a description of the required collaboration, and more information on the required seminar.

Students interested in the Certificate Program in Nanobiology should contact the Certificate Program Director, Professor Bradford Orr: to discuss enrollment and requirements.

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